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Pinpoint Your Ideal Client Anytime, Anywhere with Rapid IP Targeting.

Effortless & Localized Banner Ad B2B Lead Generation
  • Target the right prospects
  • Optimize your marketing messaging
  • Motivate your sales team close faster
signed, sealed, delivered.

What is IP Targeting?

IP targeting is the process of using IP addresses for the purpose of serving digital ads for B2B lead generation to users in very specific regions, cities, or even neighborhoods, allowing advertisers to reach their desired audience and deliver personalized, relevant messages.

How Does IP Targeting Work?

Target Your Next Prospect With Near Laser Precision

Our data mining experts will help define the crucial criteria needed to qualify leads that match your ideal customer profile. Our proprietary IP targeting software gives us access to specific network addresses where we can place digital ads to help you reach your most sought after prospects anywhere in the world.

Target your digital advertisements to trade shows, events, or even a specific city block to get the most out of your reach.

Are you ready?

Send Your Sales Pipeline
Into Orbit

Incitrio will help you leverage IP targeting with the perfect combination of digital marketing technology solutions, tactics, and strategies.

Narrow down your most engaged prospects and make sure your target clients see a message that both resonates and hits precisely when needed. Curate laser focused data that you can translate into actionable results.

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